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Flammable Liquids Employee Safety Training Program (USB Flash Drive)
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Many products commonly used in cemeteries and funeral homes are flammable. Use of flammable liquids without adequate fire prevention or planning can cost you your facility or even your life. In a typical year, more than 75,000 workplace fires cost businesses more than $2.3 billion. Improper use and storage of flammable liquids are the cause of many of these incidents. This program explains the hazards of flammable liquids in the workplace and the precautions that employees must take. It includes important information on:

–   Definitions related to flammable liquids

  • Which flammable liquids are typically used in cemeteries and funeral homes
  • How the OSHA Flammable Liquids Standard protects you
  • Storage requirements and why they are so important
  • Fire issues and requirements for fire prevention when you use or store flammable liquids at your facility



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