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Ergonomics Awareness Employee Safety Training Program (USB Flash Drive)
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Ergonomics at your job can affect your health. Poor workplace design and ergonomically incorrect work practices can cause injury to your muscles, cartilage, bones, and nervous system. Good ergonomics fit the workplace to the worker to provide a higher level of safety and efficiency. Many work tasks performed in cemetery and funeral homes present risks of ergonomic injury. Reaching or working in awkward postures, lifting heavy items, using hand and power tools, and even office work are all likely to cause injury if not performed with good ergonomics. Adoption of ergonomically correct work practices can protect your health and safety, and also contribute to your effectiveness as an employee. This training program provides an overview of ergonomic issues including:

  • Understanding what ergonomics is all about
  • How to identify conditions that may cause ergonomic problems
  • Effective solutions for ergonomic problems
  • Safe lifting
  • Methods to prevent overreaching or twisting injuries



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