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How to Sell Cemetery Property Before Need
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In the fifth edition of “How to Sell Cemetery Property Before Need,” preneed pioneer Harold Brown updates his definitive guide, adding information on new training techniques, technologies and industry trends to his straightforward, time-tested advice on cemetery sales.

Published in 1996, Brown’s textbook-style publication presents a mixture of sound advice and practical wisdom, as he reviews the basics of successful selling and offers inspiration for the salesperson to redouble his or her efforts to attain ever-higher sales figures. At the end of each chapter, readers are asked to answer informative and sometimes soul-searching review questions.

Brown defines the salesperson’s mission as a career of personal service and achievement. Each chapter of the book covers each step of the selling process in detail. In this edition, Brown also identifies and discusses 14 evolutions in our industry, including the growing number of women sales counselors, combination operations, cremation, consolidation, cultural changes and the Internet.