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Bloodborne Pathogens Employee Safety Training Program (2018)
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Nearly everyone has some risk of exposure to bloodborne pathogens, both at work and in our personal lives. In cemeteries and funeral homes, the risks are especially high. Morticians, custodial staff and others in funeral homes are commonly exposed to blood and body fluids. Anyone who may be called upon to administer first aid or who may be exposed to infectious waste is also at high risk. Those who perform landscaping tasks are at risk of cuts, lacerations and burns, and outdoor workers also may be exposed to pathogens spread by insects and animals. Essentially, everyone needs to understand their risks and how to protect themselves. This program provides an overview of Bloodborne Pathogens and the potential risks to cemetery and funeral service professionals, including important information on:


  •  Who must be included in your program
  •  The elements of a Written Exposure Control Plan
  •  Housekeeping precautions to help prevent exposure
  •  Personal protective equipment
  •  Vaccinations
  •  Post-exposure procedures
  •  Universal Precautions
  •  Required records


This product is a two disk set that includes:


  • Employee training DVD (19:54)
  • Instructor Notes
  • Student Handouts
  • A copy of the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens standard
  • Related guidance documents and check-lists, including a model plan for your OSHA bloodborne pathogens program
  • Student Quiz and Answer Key to ensure the information was understood
  • Certificate of Completion to document your training efforts
  • An instruction guide that lists any additional steps you must take to be in full compliance with OSHA regulations
  • Our 800 number with free support

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